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The IMAX of Africa, Botswana showboats grandeur of the highest order. Escape to a snapshot of a land seemingly forgotten with visions beyond imagination.

The Africa of old offers up peculiar road signs of elephant crossings, a chance sighting of rhino crossing an abandoned airstrip and a quirky lullaby by the hippopotamus as you laze in one of the lush hotels that line the watering holes of its many national parks which outnumber major roads.

It is by no stretch of imagination that a genuine traffic jam could be you, the guide and a herd of elephant.

Even the most vivid of authors couldn’t depict Botswana’s bountiful scenery and needs to be witnessed in person to be believed.

Relax in the abundance of wildlife and scenery and soak in the splendour in person.

Contact us to craft your next African adventure in Botswana

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