Set at the edge of the world, South Africa boasts one of the most diverse sets of flora and fauna.         It intrigues every type of traveller with a curiosity for one and all, whether it be looking for a cosy luxury honeymoon in a room overlooking a game park or an unforgettable family safari in your own 4x4 vehicle. One of the attractions even features “Two Oceans”.


Offering everything from rocky mountain biking to kite-boarding, marathons to hot air ballooning, the adrenaline enthusiast will leave nothing behind.


Scratching the surface of the indulgent attractions, your visit could include, a dip in the Atlantic on your way back from the beachfront hotel, a few nights later, the same in the Indian Ocean or perhaps a night ride in the bush on a guided game drive. The photographer in you will surely come out when breathing in the fresh air of the desolate Karoo and Kalahari. There is a certain attraction to a land so bare, yet alive in untold mysteries. 


Put your feet up in one of our coastal towns bustling with atmosphere all year round, enjoy a freshly cooked fish straight from the local market, some internationally renowned wine and savour every drop of a mood no amount of photos could ever recreate.

You could even venture out and make your best effort into the eight hundred to thousand last estimated wine farms continuously growing in number, each with its own unique allure making it a novel experience each time round. Some even come back time and again to repeat what has become an essential ritual.


Travel by car, horse-back, foot or even as a guided tour with friends or family, but make sure the majesty of the Drakensberg does not escape you as you trace some three thousand year old steps a San tribesman once walked. Soak in the exhilarating experience of shark-cage diving, or travel above the waves in Hermanus to see our whales almost within touching distance, so famous the town celebrates them with their namesake festival.


You simply cannot leave without witnessing our magnificent animals up close. Take your pick almost anywhere in the country, but tucked away in the corner is our very own Kruger National Park where you may even sight the “big five” in their own habitat.


Our symphony of culture is best experienced with a township tour or a chat to a local at the terrace bar. The more you see, the more you want, the more you hear, the more you want to experience.


Come and celebrate our rainbow nation and discover all this wonder for yourself.


The IMAX of Africa, Botswana showboats grandeur of the highest order. Escape to a snapshot of a land seemingly forgotten with visions beyond imagination.  The Africa of old offers up peculiar road signs of elephant crossings, a chance sighting of rhino crossing an abandoned airstrip and a quirky lullaby by the hippopotamus as you laze in one of the lush hotels that line the watering holes of its many national parks which outnumber major roads.


It is by no stretch of imagination that a genuine traffic jam could be you, the guide and a herd of elephant.


Even the most vivid of authors couldn’t depict Botswana’s bountiful scenery and needs to be witnessed in person to be believed.  Relax in the abundance of wildlife and scenery and soak in the splendour in person.


Nestled below the mighty Congo lies a little known gem of Africa. Zambia speaks to the adventurer within. Within its borders an unending plethora of serene beauty and untainted wildlife havens on the continent, easily one of the largest protected national parks in Africa. An intriguing spectacle, the iconic Victoria Falls has attracted guests far and wide to this tranquil country. With a far lesser footprint than its neighbour, Zimbabwe, many a visitor would argue that the largest falls in Africa offers even better views from the Zambian side. 


This rugged mosaic of safari in all shapes and sizes is a pleasure to visit, not only on the eye, but it is also considered as one of the safest countries and is likely to leave a mark on the soul so undeniably deep that a longing to return is never far off.


Zambia offers unforgettable holidays exploring the real Africa and is the setting of extraordinary

waterways which serve up thrills for the adrenaline junkie or a leisurely playground of activities for all ages. Most certainly a treat for all and sundry. Apart from the Victoria falls are seventeen splendid waterfalls,  providing 'cascade followers' an adventure of a lifetime into rural areas where village life is witnessed and shared first hand, dazzling sunsets are served daily and washed down with memories drenched with soul satisfying experience.


Come and live your own camel adventure and creates memories others will covet the world over.


Sheer opulent extravagance and at its deafening crescendo, the ‘Smoke that Thunders'. One of the world’s bucket list sights. Not many African wonders compare to this hypnotic vision, leaving visitors showered in amazement and perhaps even misty eyed as they soak in its sheer magnificence. This wonder, located on the mighty Zambezi River, offers opportunity for many camera angles both from Zambia or Zimbabwe.


Upon its discovery, its founder, Dr. David Livingstone, is quoted as saying “It has never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so wonderful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” This sets the scene for a wander on the many pathways looking for that ideal moment captured for a lifetime on camera. One would think this is enough to visit, but Zimbabwe offers so much more than Victoria Falls with a host of Africa’s most worthwhile big game safari destinations.


The pride of these – Hwange National Park – a stone’s throw for the Falls, offers unreserved access to all the sought after sights including large herds of antelope, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, packs of hyena and lion and perhaps even a glimpse of the much desired leopard.


On top of which the great Zambezi presents a wealth of river life with ample photographic opportunity of favourites such as crocodiles, hippopotamus and the ever elusive water buck. The Mana Pools National Park is a key attraction and offers every type of angle to get up close and personal with your camera. Hop in a canoe, blaze a trail on foot or have a local guide chauffeur you to secret treasure troves others can only dream of.   


Tented camping to luxurious five-star accommodation on top of extensive varieties of fine cuisine are but aperitifs to nature in its purest form, unparalleled game viewing and arguably the best guides Africa has to offer. Once the travel bug bites, Zimbabwe becomes an essential destination and many a visitor has returned time and gain to this Africa delicacy to renew experiences oft-regaled over the dinner table. Get in touch with us and start living your dreams today.



Creeping with awe to the verge, I peered down into a large rent which had been made from bank to bank of the broad Zambezi, and saw that a stream of a thousand yards broad leaped down a hundred feet [30 m] and then became suddenly compressed into a space of fifteen to twenty yards” – Founder Dr David Livingstone”


Malawi’s warm and open invitation extends from its people to its soothing freshwater lake. Though not discovered by, another of Livingstone’s extraordinary happenings was Lake Malawi affectionately named by him as Lake Nyasa (Lake of Stars) for the nocturnal dancing of the fisherman’s lights over the some 29,000 square kilometres lake.


The third largest in Africa, ninth in the world, but perhaps most importantly number one in species of fish. Boasting approximately 1000 species of splendid cichlids alone, its glossy surface offers perfect conditions for a myriad of watersports including underwater photography, water snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and of course sailing in all its forms.


Step away from the hustle that so often sets ones stress levels at maximum and sink your toes in the sandy beaches as you and your loved one enjoy the idyllic beach break. Take advantage of this vast array of lakeside hotels scattered across the shoreline. Have your pick of these, each offering their own unadulterated piece of paradise. The call of the fish eagle and the occasional announcement of your preferred Pina Colada being presented keeping you company. Join those quiet in reflection as you take that first icy sip, kick back and relax in a haven yet to be truly discovered and appreciated.


One of the world’s youngest independents rich in extensive natural resources provides an exciting getaway at a fraction of the cost of the Seychelles.


With a booming industry the country has also stamped its name on the tourism sector, becoming an absolute must for those seeking the classic island getaway with road access to its mainland.


The long-stretching coast offers beaches kissed by the warm Indian Ocean but the highlight destinations lie just offshore: two groups of quaint picturesque islands–Bazaruto Archipelago in the south and northwards the elite private islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago near the Tanzanian border. 


Reset your clock as you bury your toes in the sand, unwind with a cocktail and slowly sink peacefully into the island lifestyle.


The only decision you’ll need to make is which of the many sublime islands you’ll be swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing or sunset watching on or if you’ve set your sights on game fishing, Mozambique’s crystal clear waters are a treat in themselves and known the world over.


Come and take a dip in a paradise lost and discover for yourself its exquisite beauty.


Hidden within the South African borders, Lesotho towers majestically above and is known as the Mountain Kingdom or Kingdom in the Sky.


This destination can be combined as the peak of a holiday or in itself caters a host of tantalizing treats to choose from for those opting to dedicate a trip in entirety.


Your trip could include hiking waterfalls, mountain biking, horse riding and glimpses of ancient Bushman paintings.


Deep in the Maluti Mountains, Afriski offers skiing and is one of the only two ski resorts in southern Africa. Visit the highest dam in Africa, the Katse and marvel at modern engineering.


Escape over “The Gates of Paradise Pass” and sink your teeth into local delicacies prepared community members as you taste village life in Malealea. Try your hand at a 4x4 adventure and for the experienced driver perhaps an attempt at the treacherous Sani Pass.


Come and experience this vast world without fences where every season has its own exceptional ambience and every visit greeted with a warm welcome.


Not so much a neighbour, but rather South Africa’s landlocked little brother, the mighty Kingdom of Swaziland also borders Mozambique and provides travellers exclusive insight into what seems long-forgotten traditions of Swazi tribesmen and extraordinary culture.


Its prime position lends itself to explorative gateways across polar opposite landscapes. Take a trip from KwaZulu-Natal to the wild Kruger or skip borders from bustling Johannesburg to the beautiful tree City of Acacias, commonly known as Maputo.


Although Swaziland has a small footprint, stretching approximately 193 kilometres north to south, and 145 kilometres east to west, this beautiful country has much to offer as an exciting tourist destination with its plethora of Arts and Crafts curio stores, traditional markets that serving sneak peeks into deep cultural roots and a biodiversity flaunted in its wildlife reserves.


One such example is the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary where animals, unaware of man’s impact, roam freely through camp grounds and tame birds allowing for a more intimate inspection. Go a little further from camp with the experienced guides at Mkhaya Game Reserve who host game-viewing drives by open Landrover with first-hand knowledge of current water-hole hangouts and recent interesting sightings.


Ever felt like trying your hand at slots, blackjack or perhaps you fancy yourself as a poker player. Lose yourself in one of Swaziland’s major attractions, its casinos. The pick of which must be the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel complex is located deep in Ezulwini Valley and boasts a luxurious spa for the queen, a round of golf for her king and at night an opulent venue made for big money dreams.


Another favourite in the Valley is the thermal springs where visitors can relax and unwind. Perhaps the most intriguing spring is the famous Cuddle Puddle.


Tantalising trails serve up the self-drive adventurer a choice of scenic routes. North of Mbabane, the road to Luve nicknamed Pine Valley is particularly attractive with a series of waterfalls on the Black Umbeluzi River and the picturesque granite heights of "Bald Rock".


Notwithstanding the last drive, a photographer is spoilt for choice as the drive to Piggs Peak in the north of the country is considered of the most scenic in the country. On your way to Piggs Peak, why not stop off at Malolotja National Park where after a brisk walk, you can view the Malolotja Falls, the highest in Swaziland or if you’re a fan of heights rather take the Malalotja Canopy Tour and float over the lush vegetation where camera straps come highly recommended.


Unwind in Swaziland with a myriad of options and in any style ranging from internationally renowned hotels to lodges and secluded guests. Pick your pleasure, book your trip then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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