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Beach experiences - Africa!

What comes to mind?

Great plains, wild animals, excitement and adventure. But it certainly is not one dimensional. Its expansive coastline offers incredible experiences, from whale-watching, to snorkeling in South Africa, to the relaxing island retreats of Zanzibar and Mozambique.

Test your off-road skills with a 4x4 trip, sandboard the slopes of Namibia’s dunes or take it easy with cocktail in hand and bae by your side in luxury on Lake Malawi. Offering picture perfect moments for the family or spectacular honeymoon snaps, there is opportunity for every traveler. Imagination is the only limitation.

Peruse our pre-selected opulent travel lifestyle options. Endless choices include stunning coral reefs for adventure seekers to explore underwater as well as deeper dives if you would like to give scuba diving a shot. Let us guide you in hand-picking from splendid lakes, tropical islands and sumptuous beaches stretching from the Indian to the Atlantic coastlines and beyond.

Explore the rich kaleidoscope of colour Africa’s abundant marine life offers and while you’re at it, don’t stop at fish! Treat yourself to unlimited extraodinary experiences. Catch glimpses of turtles nesting, whales calving, snorkel with seals or join in the ultimate adventure – swimming side by side with our playful dolphins.

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