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Malawi’s warm and open invitation extends from its people to its soothing freshwater lake. Though not discovered by, another of Livingstone’s extraordinary happenings was Lake Malawi affectionately named by him as Lake Nyasa (Lake of Stars) for the nocturnal dancing of the fisherman’s lights over the some 29,000 square kilometres lake.

The third largest in Africa, ninth in the world, but perhaps most importantly number one in species of fish. Boasting approximately 1000 species of splendid cichlids alone, its glossy surface offers perfect conditions for a myriad of watersports including underwater photography, water snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and of course sailing in all its forms.

Step away from the hustle that so often sets ones stress levels at maximum and sink your toes in the sandy beaches as you and your loved one enjoy the idyllic beach break.

Take advantage of this vast array of lakeside hotels scattered across the shoreline. Have your pick of these, each offering their own unadulterated piece of paradise. The call of the fish eagle and the occasional announcement of your preferred Pina Colada being presented keeping you company. Join those quiet in reflection as you take that first icy sip, kick back and relax in a haven yet to be truly discovered and appreciated.

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