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One of the world’s youngest independents rich in extensive natural resources provides an exciting getaway at a fraction of the cost of the Seychelles.

With a booming industry the country has also stamped its name on the tourism sector, becoming an absolute must for those seeking the classic island getaway with road access to its mainland.

The long-stretching coast offers beaches kissed by the warm Indian Ocean but the highlight destinations lie just offshore: two groups of quaint picturesque islands–Bazaruto Archipelago in the south and northwards the elite private islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago near the Tanzanian border.

Reset your clock as you bury your toes in the sand, unwind with a cocktail and slowly sink peacefully into the island lifestyle.

The only decision you’ll need to make is which of the many sublime islands you’ll be swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing or sunset watching on or if you’ve set your sights on game fishing, Mozambique’s crystal clear waters are a treat in themselves and known the world over.

Come and take a dip in a paradise lost and discover for yourself its exquisite beauty.

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