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Namibia, a genuine African gem

Spectacularly different to its neighbours and certainly worth discovery. It enchants with its vast landscapes that hold within stunning, diverse and occasionally surreal landscapes, offering picturesque canvases for photography lovers to colour.

Seeing is believing and the silent expanse of the Deadvlei salt pan, part of the world's oldest desert, the great Namib Naukluf. Another essential and largest in Africa – second only to the Grand Canyon – is Africa’s very own majestic Fish River Canyon.

An abundance of natural beauty leaves little to the imagination. In the Etosha National Park it is not uncommon to spot many species of animals, including leopard, elephant, giraffe and rhinoceros. Nature lovers also appreciate the privacy of Erindi Game reserve with over 70 000 hectares of pristine wilderness and Waterberg National Park, famous for incredible views as well as offering wonderful opportunities for hiking and climbing. Although certainly a highlight, Namibia is not only about nature. Its quaint cities are immediately captivating with colonial style Swakopmund located on the Atlantic Ocean drawing great interest and its capital, Windhoek also an essential for any traveller.

Most of its attractions are tantalisingly unique with experiences you may never relive. Climbing one of the highest dunes in the world, or revelling in its panoramic splendour in a balloon or plane flight. Not to mention 4x4 rides through the mysterious Skeleton Coast, visiting the Cape of the Cross with its huge seal colony and topping it all off, perhaps an intimate meeting with Himba tribe representatives.

Namibia is a truly inspiring country which teases with unforgettable memories and promises surprise for travellers. It offers a variety of top-quality hotels, campsites and lodges to choose from.

Well, there is only one thing left to say… See you in Namibia soon!

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