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South Africa

Set at the edge of the world, South Africa boasts one of the most diverse sets of flora and fauna.

It intrigues every type of traveller with a curiosity for one and all, whether it be looking for a cosy luxury honeymoon in a room overlooking a game park or an unforgettable family safari in your own 4x4 vehicle. One of the attractions even features “Two Oceans”.

Offering everything from rocky mountain biking to kite-boarding, marathons to hot air ballooning, the adrenaline enthusiast will leave nothing behind. Scratching the surface of the indulgent attractions, your visit could include, a dip in the Atlantic on your way back from the beachfront hotel, a few nights later, the same in the Indian Ocean or perhaps a night ride in the bush on a guided game drive.

The photographer in you will surely come out when breathing in the fresh air of the desolate Karoo and Kalahari. There is a certain attraction to a land so bare, yet alive in untold mysteries. Put your feet up in one of our coastal towns bustling with atmosphere all year round, enjoy a freshly cooked fish straight from the local market, some internationally renowned wine and savour every drop of a mood no amount of photos could ever recreate.

You could even venture out and make your best effort into the eight hundred to thousand last estimated wine farms continuously growing in number, each with its own unique allure making it a novel experience each time round. Some even come back time and again to repeat what has become an essential ritual.

Travel by car, horse-back, foot or even as a guided tour with friends or family, but make sure the majesty of the Drakensberg does not escape you as you trace some three thousand year old steps a San tribesman once walked. Soak in the exhilarating experience of shark-cage diving, or travel above the waves in Hermanus to see our whales almost within touching distance, so famous the town celebrates them with their namesake festival.

You simply cannot leave without witnessing our magnificent animals up close. Take your pick almost anywhere in the country, but tucked away in the corner is our very own Kruger National Park where you may even sight the “big five” in their own habitat.

Our symphony of culture is best experienced with a township tour or a chat to a local at the terrace bar. The more you see, the more you want, the more you hear, the more you want to experience. Come and celebrate our rainbow nation and discover all this wonder for yourself.

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