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Not so much a neighbour, but rather South Africa’s landlocked little brother, the mighty Kingdom of Swaziland also borders Mozambique and provides travellers exclusive insight into what seems long-forgotten traditions of Swazi tribesmen and extraordinary culture.

Its prime position lends itself to explorative gateways across polar opposite landscapes. Take a trip from KwaZulu-Natal to the wild Kruger or skip borders from bustling Johannesburg to the beautiful tree City of Acacias, commonly known as Maputo.

Although Swaziland has a small footprint, stretching approximately 193 kilometres north to south, and 145 kilometres east to west, this beautiful country has much to offer as an exciting tourist destination with its plethora of Arts and Crafts curio stores, traditional markets that serving sneak peeks into deep cultural roots and a biodiversity flaunted in its wildlife reserves.

One such example is the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary where animals, unaware of man’s impact, roam freely through camp grounds and tame birds allowing for a more intimate inspection. Go a little further from camp with the experienced guides at Mkhaya Game Reserve who host game-viewing drives by open Landrover with first-hand knowledge of current water-hole hangouts and recent interesting sightings.

Ever felt like trying your hand at slots, blackjack or perhaps you fancy yourself as a poker player. Lose yourself in one of Swaziland’s major attractions, its casinos. The pick of which must be the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel complex is located deep in Ezulwini Valley and boasts a luxurious spa for the queen, a round of golf for her king and at night an opulent venue made for big money dreams.

Another favourite in the Valley is the thermal springs where visitors can relax and unwind. Perhaps the most intriguing spring is the famous Cuddle Puddle.

Tantalising trails serve up the self-drive adventurer a choice of scenic routes. North of Mbabane, the road to Luve nicknamed Pine Valley is particularly attractive with a series of waterfalls on the Black Umbeluzi River and the picturesque granite heights of "Bald Rock".

Notwithstanding the last drive, a photographer is spoilt for choice as the drive to Piggs Peak in the north of the country is considered of the most scenic in the country. On your way to Piggs Peak, why not stop off at Malolotja National Park where after a brisk walk, you can view the Malolotja Falls, the highest in Swaziland or if you’re a fan of heights rather take the Malalotja Canopy Tour and float over the lush vegetation where camera straps come highly recommended.

Unwind in Swaziland with a myriad of options and in any style ranging from internationally renowned hotels to lodges and secluded guests. Pick your pleasure, book your trip then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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