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Hidden within the South African borders, Lesotho towers majestically above and is known as the Mountain Kingdom or Kingdom in the Sky.

This destination can be combined as the peak of a holiday or in itself caters a host of tantalizing treats to choose from for those opting to dedicate a trip in entirety.

Your trip could include hiking waterfalls, mountain biking, horse riding and glimpses of ancient Bushman paintings.

Deep in the Maluti Mountains, Afriski offers skiing and is one of the only two ski resorts in southern Africa. Visit the highest dam in Africa, the Katse and marvel at modern engineering.

Escape over “The Gates of Paradise Pass” and sink your teeth into local delicacies prepared community members as you taste village life in Malealea. Try your hand at a 4x4 adventure and for the experienced driver perhaps an attempt at the treacherous Sani Pass.

Come and experience this vast world without fences where every season has its own exceptional ambience and every visit greeted with a warm welcome.

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