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Family Adventures

With its abundance of national parks, beaches, swimming pools and hiking trails suitable for a wide range of competencies, plus a good collection of museums and a handful of amusement parks, South Africa offers plenty for children of all ages in hazard-free settings.

South Africa is the perfect place for a family holiday over the festive season. With its fabulous wildlife reserves, craggy mountains and powdery beaches lapped by two oceans, this diverse country has so much to entertain every generation.

In our view, the most important ingredients when travelling with your kids are space and freedom. Therefore, we tend to recommend spacious private villas and apartments or child-friendly hotels that don’t compromise on the parents’ enjoyment.

We also believe that travel distances should be minimal, with longer stays in each place, to avoid too much packing and unpacking. Every family has different requirements but we can tailor everything to suit you.

Contact us to craft your family's next African holiday adventure

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